The Legend thus far...

Partners Chris Borden and Brittany Roberts forged Under the Black Flag, a Combat Entertainment company that was asked to build itself. From its very inception all they had to do was say yes and put in the work that they wanted to do anyways. Friends that wanted swords in there hands. Songs that needed to be sung. Even a ship that needed a new Captain... All they had to do was say yes.

Christopher Borden is a 8 year Staged Combat Choreographer, Actor, Jack of all Trades. Forging forward with his acting dreams having finally moved to LA with his sweet Lassy, First Mate, and partner Brittany Roberts. The cornerstone of this foundation is this Combat Entertainment company that keeps building itself. He just has to keep pouring his love and work into it, but it keeps giving back. The dear friendships forged, the wondrously happy family's and outstanding children couldn't have made this endeavor anymore wroth it's while.

Brittany Roberts is a singer, actress and is perusing her career to become a stunt performer.

Now here we are. You now have that itching in the back of your mind. You have a party, birthday, business event or festival that needs something. Something unique, something new and something exciting and interesting! We want nothing more than to help you with that. All you have to do now is say... Yes.

Under the Black Flag, Combat Entertainment! Creating Family Friendly shows for you since 2014.

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