“Pirates and piracy must be studied and expounded as a form of early social resistance. The pirate had declared war on his rapacious ruler, had declared war on the insatiable aristocracy of his country, had declared war on the greedy Church authority, and, finally, he had declared war on that same society that isolated him. The pirate wanted what every person seeks in life, freedom, and was willing to sacrifice his very existence for that cause.”

Having relocated to the wonderful LA area we have come to find that we may need more crew members to fill our ranks. But we don't accept just anyone and everyone that saunters up on deck! There are requirements that must be met, but let me set your mind at ease that the only limits are what you put on yourself.

Here at Under the Black Flag we run at tight ship. What we need are crew members that know this is more than a hobby, but also a business that is still growing. Meaning there is a level of commitment that we need when it comes to attending training and learning crew materials. We also understand that this may not be your career and that you absorbing the cost of coming to said training. But you will come away with something...

The Training

With us you will learn Staged Movement and Combat, Piratical Histories, Various Fantastical Themes, Vocal Instruction, Study groups on various weapons and martial styles, work on scripting an event, and music research. We don't charge for this, it's all part of the fun while working with us.

So do ye want to...

Under the Black Flag, Combat Entertainment! Creating Family Friendly shows for you since 2014.

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